Rainbow White House (a response to the Obergefell vs. Hodges ruling)

I will never be able to look at the White House in the same way again. There it was, splashed in a triumphal array of rainbow colors and I thought to myself, “We shall never pass this way again.” The White House might as well have been a giant one-way street sign showing us the pathway we all are beholden now to travel, one that will require much of all of us as it forces upon us a slow and painful process of self-discovery regarding the real foundations of civil society, human sexuality and the institution of marriage. History knows no repentance, and although it contains many secrets that might ripen the fruit of better judgment, it takes no prisoners but the dead and only can force upon the living the consequences of its many misappropriated hopes and decisions.

I am about 80% relieved at the US Supreme Court decision regarding gay/lesbian marriage, and about 20% grief-stricken. My sense of relief is because I was convinced anyway that very soon the current mindset of the American people would soon find its expression through our Supreme Court. Regarding the ruling, let me say to the SCOTUS majority, your jurisprudence has found a new use for old orifices. Preferring the far sexier job of social engineering and cheerleading to workman-like constitutional law, your own constitutional rhetoric clearly rises like flatulence out and up into the stratosphere. You did what we all expected you to do, to eschew legal substance but to look very good and very contemporary doing it. America’s best days are past, but every society in decline needs its false prophets to at least sound authoritative and strike the right tones that resonate well in the eardrums of the masses. I appreciated the heavy lifting done by the four justices with dissenting opinions, although their   best sides were no doubt not camera-ready.

Having personally grasped the sea-change that is occurring in our collective consciousness for quite a while now, my own emerging mantra has been, “bring it on.”  Let’s all discover together this new terrain together. Let’s all find out together if there really is no qualitative difference between a mother and father versus a father and father, or a mother and mother. Let explore all the configurations together like a painter explores a white canvas, or a sculptor does an unhewn stone. This is what we all think we want, this is what we all get. My dad used to say (along with everyone one else’s dad), “You made your bed, now you have to sleep in it.”  Let’s see if all these things really do matter, at least then we’ll all have more recent data points right in front of or own noses rather than be prejudiced by the crusty relics of other tried and failed civilizations.

My viewpoint is built upon my Christian faith, not fatalism.  If all I had to guide my thinking were the hope of human progress in our great social experiment, I might be drawn to fatalistic despair.  My faith directs me to see at both a societal and at a personal level that God, who is the Governor over all things, acts to give over both individuals and societies to its own wishes and desires.  Old ideas about man’s sexuality and society’s structure are being exchanged for new and other ideas and we all get to be part of this experiment.

My own mind also partially grieves for this exchange. I can’t help but occasionally look backward and ask, “Why did we have to choose this way?”  My faith again answers back that there are trajectories of human striving and human civilization that are about bigger things than a Stars and Stripes flag, a Declaration of Independence, a George Washington, a Martin Luther King and all of the many concomitant ideals, deeds and personages of our American legacy. All of our own American trajectory will ultimately be weighed in the scale of history and God’s judgment over both our successes and our failures.

And so, in all of this, I say, thy will be done American people, and Thy will be done Great and Sovereign Lord! We get what we as a society wanted and God gets to do His duty as Sovereign over us to visit us with His judgment. We get to sleep in our own bed and God gets to exert His judgment on our ill-advised truth exchanges.  As an American, I join in common cause with my fellow Americans to explore this new terrain. And eventually we will learn along the way some things that we once knew but which are now lost. Any horse’s-ass can plainly see that the main laboratory for cultivating appreciation and respect for human diversity has always been heterosexual marriage, where two individuals who are biologically wired very differently are forced by necessity to raise their unruly children and pay their always-present mortgage and still find it within themselves at the end of day to be a source of blessing to each other.  Heterosexuality has become too strong a drink for our contemporary mores, and although it truly explains the dynamism of our civilization for millennia, it is now a bygone. We can only hope that this current wave of hetero-phobia will pass.

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